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Bob first became involved in ranching through the 4-H program when he was nine and has been in the cattle business since that time. When Fran and Bob were first married they were in partnership with Bob's father. In 1972 we bought our first ranch and have been fortunate enough to add to it several times. The farm ground is located on the north edge of the Platte River Valley. The primary crops raised are corn, soybeans, and alfalfa hay. The corn and beans are irrigated by two irrigation wells. The alfalfa is sub- irrigated and yields from seven to eight tons in a growing season . We have chosen to lease the corn and bean ground and some pasture to neighbors but do the hay ourselves. The big round bale is the most practical way for us. The pastureland lays to the north in rolling clay hills. The native grasses are big and little bluestem, buffalo grass , side oats , and many others. We have many cross fences and rotational graze the entire ranch. The ranch is watered by three submersible wells and thousands of feet of underground pipe and many dugouts and dams. We have several miles of cedar windbreak for winter protection and some other trees for summer shade. Most of the fences around the breeding pastures are five wire with the top one hot.

  • Annual rainfall is about 17 inches.
  • Both Mule and Whitetail Deer, Pheasant,Quail,and Grouse.
  • Many different species of wildflowers.